Venom : A project in which I focused around the successful use of packaging, I created the branding, packaging and all necessary promotional items inc. posters and coasters.

Odyssey : A few logos that I created to be used within an exhibition that I was involved in, the logos were created to represent the journey that the user would go through when using the website and magazine were within the brand, all revolving around the subject of space.

Lone Fire : The main and alternative logo that was created for a local band, the client wanted the final logo to be themed around a Fox but I was also able to give them my own interpretation in which the initials of the band were combined to form a single flame.

C310 : A logo that was created to represent a small design agency, the idea was to create something small and strong that portrays the agency in a multi dimensional way.

Eclectik Festival : Used within my Level 3 FMP the logo was to represent a car festival that I was putting together, the design was to be modern while showcasing faint elements of cars.

Friends Group : To be used to represent a City Council group who were attempting to bring people together in a way in which they can bring good to a community. Created to be modern, serious and welcoming.