Lone Fire

Breif : The task that we have been given is to find and create a brand for a local artist or band. The genre of music can vary causing the designs that are produced to also vary. The brief shall allow us to gain experience working with numerous clients as opposed to working with one like we usually would be, each member of the bands ideas and thoughts will need to be taken into consideration as the designs that  I produce may not be liked by the people I’m designing for.

This assignment gave me the opportunity to work and interact with a band
It forced me to research the band and there influences to get an insight into the music they create in-order to create the most accurate designs for the brand. As the band themselves had only recently came together there was no music I could listen to made from them and the promotional pieces that they wanted were based around spreading the word of the band.

Originally the main thing that I wanted to gain from the experience was to get the opportunity to photograph a live, performing band or create the photos that would be used within the promotional work. I found through talking to them at a later date that none of these things were wanted, the only thing that the band really wanted was a completed brand and a few handout, for example stickers and badge designs.

Overall I feel that the brand that I created represented the band themselves well, to begin with I struggled to create something that accurately portrayed them as I had no reference material so I had to question the band and ask for influences.

Even after this project is completed I shall stay in contact with the band, crating work that they need and making the adjustments that the band wants. Including photo-shoots and the creation of websites and such at a later date when the band itself is at a more developed stage.