Vice Magazine

Breif : You will need to pick 2 stories each to cover from vice magazines YouTube channel. Vice has a huge and interesting database of documentaries on their YouTube channel. Research and look at the vast array of possible stories, you will need to go in-depth putting yourself in the reporter’s shoes and write up the documentaries as an article/interview in an Immersion Journalism style.
You will then need to bring all the stories in your group together in one PDF to produce your own version of VICE magazine with an additional front and back cover. For this you will need to rely on Adobe InDesign for this

This assignment has allowed myself to gain a more in depth understanding into editorial design and
through the development of my magazine I was able to understand all the tools within in-design that
are created to increase productivity when using the software. the assignment also allowed me to
investigate and research a serious topic that prior to this I had no understanding into. Because we
were creating the articles with a immersion style I was able to use screen-shots and the articles
that are found on to increase the impact of the magazine, I created a preset that I added
to all the images used that desaturated them and made them into something that suits the design and portrays the dark atmosphere that surrounds the subject.

I decided to create a sort of mini magazine in which I created 10 pages of content instead of the
4 that was requested, this allowed me to explain all areas within the topic along with taking
the viewer on a journey that showed the depths and the brutal nature of the conflict while then
progressing onto a more happy subject that still accurately describes the problems that they are
having. The layout and the style of the magazine would also be suitable if used in a more interactive
way as the structure of the articles relates to the documentary they are linked to so things like
hyper-links and timestamps would be perfect for this style of design, allowing it to be used seamlessly with the Vice iPad App.