Web Design

Odyssey : I create a two part website that was part of a brand i created for a space related exhibition that we held in the town centre, the idea i developed was to create a platform that would encourage and attract a younger audience to begin learning about space.

The design was to be very compact and modern, with a certain emphasis placed upon user interaction, i achieved this through the use of colour and structure, with the finalised website using a uniwue feature in which the users cursor has the ability to bring colour into the images as they expand to give the user more details related to the story they have highlighted.

The second page was to showcase the style seen within the users personal profile, it focused around the social network side of the website, giving the users the ability to chat with friends along with add others with similiar interests.

Eclectik Festival : Create a suitable website that was targeted towards a specific audience and have it feature a few unique aspects that will set it apart from others that are promoting similar events.

The website that I created was apart of the final designs that were used within my Level 3 FMP, I created a sports festival that gave me the opportunity to visit an event and then shoot / edit and use suitable images within all the promotional designs that i created.

In terms of the design style I knew that because of the younger audience an element of urgency would be needed, I attempted to showcase this through the design structure and also seen it suitable to add in links that redirect the viewer to the events social network pages.

Virgin Atlantic Design : Using the design values of Virgin Atlantic deliver a concept that appeals to whichever passenger demographic you choose. The design should be engaging to both existing and potential passengers and ignite their awareness of the Virgin Atlantic brand. Also, further branding, such as poster friendly designs are welcomed.

I feel that the combination of the background and the structure style that I’ve used has allowed me to reach my
target demographic as it creates a very energetic, simple to use design that would offer all the features that I
believe to be necessary in such a way that the viewers are encouraged to interact with the website. Another
aspect that went well in my opinion is the imagery, I used a combination of royalty free imagery along with
images that were covered by copyright but edited to a point in which the original is nu-recognisable. The font
family used also states that its open to commercial use with credit given so there is no restrictions within the
design that would stop it from being used by Virgin Atlantic tomorrow.